Dar 100 Tests supervised became the world’s third umpire ,England cricket Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has another history, and today the world’s third Test century and became the first umpire to Asia.
Dar today between England and South Africa for the second Test starting an umpire if the skipper was in his 100 matches. Aleem Dar before the match memento was also presented.
47-year-old former right-hand batsman and off-spinner knows his 12-year playing career with 17 first-class matches. After retiring from playing, he began a second career as an umpire, for the first time in Gujranwala between Pakistan and Sri Lanka ODI played in 2000 stood as the umpire, then after 3 years, Bangladesh and England in Dhaka Umpiring in the test and still test the 100, 178 ODIs and 35 Twenty20 matches are served.
Dar 2004 ICC umpire elite panel was chosen, soon the world’s trusted and respected Empire became, the 2009, 2010 and 2011, the world’s best umpire award for his name, in 2011 Pakistan knows the US civilian award ‘Pride of Performance’ was delivered in 2013 was awarded the Star of discrimination.
Dar said that his career really happy and proud to be an important milestone, I was surprised how fast time passes, my fans, the Pakistan Cricket Board and the ICC The love and excitement, without which it was impossible for me to reach this point. ICC general manager of cricket Geoff says aylrdays and respected umpire Aleem international cricket are the best.
The West Indian umpire Steve Buckner in Test matches most 128 saw the umpires Rudi kuytzn the second part of the umpiring in 108 Tests conducted both umpires have now retired.

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